Tomato Bath

Tomato Bath || Tomato Bath Upma Recipe in Telugu || టమాట బాత్ How to make Tomato Bath upma Recipe in Telugu Ingredients: Rava – 1 cup Water- 3 cups Tomatoes 2 no’s Mustard seeds 1 ts Cumin seeds 1 ts Chana daal 1 ts Urad daal 1 ts Cashew nuts 25 g Green chilly chopped 2 n Onion – 1 n Ginger chopped 1 inch pieces Curry leaves 2 spr Salt Turmeric 1/4 ts Lime juice 1 tb Directions: Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, chana daal, Urad daal and cashew nuts. cook this cashew nuts gets in to golden colour, add chopped green chilly, chopped onions, chopped ginger, curry leaves, turmeric, salt, tomatoes, water, comes to boil, add coriander leaves, Lime juice and add Rova (dry roast them) mix this well, cook for 3 minutes, switch off the flame, let it rest for 5 minutes then serve it.


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