Spring Rolls


Spring rolls recipe:

Welcome to paddu kitchen. Spring rolls recipe is a Chinese popular snack item.these are the perfect snacks for evenings.

Now we can learn how to make homemade spring rolls. this recipe yields vegetable spring rolls just as delicious as you find in Chinese restaurants. Now in India also these recipe becomes very famous. This snack item is very tasty and crispy. It is a kids favorite recipe. 


  1. All-purpose flour -1 cup
  2. Salt to taste
  3. Chopped cabbage -1 cup 
  4. Onion -2 no’s
  5. Oil  5 tsp
  6. Green chilies -2 no’s
  7. Coriander leaves
  8. Beans -½ cup
  9. Chopped carrot -1 cup
  10. Garam masala
  11. Cheese



1.first take a cup of flour powder in a bowl and add the required amount of salt, water and mix well like chapati mixture. put 1- spoon oil in that mixture and keep aside.

2.take a pan on the stove and put 4- tbsp of oil.heat the oil, add 2 -green chilies and onions in that.

3.add 1-tablespoon of salt in that for better roast of onions.

4.add already chopped cabbage and carrot and beans in that mixture.

5.mix well the mixture.after add 1-tbsp of garam masala powder.

6.take the flour mixture and shape like chapati(round shape).

How to Wrap Spring Rolls

Spring rolls can seem intimidating, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly, I promise. If you have folded a burrito before, you can definitely make spring rolls! Don’t stress if your spring rolls aren’t totally perfect. A few tips:

1) Make the base

Start by placing a few pieces of lettuce about one-third from the bottom of the circular wrapper. The width of your fillings will determine the width of the spring roll. You want to leave a couple of inches open on the two sides for wrapping purposes.

2) Pile on the ingredients

Then, add the remaining ingredients. The exact order doesn’t matter much. Just pile them on top, making sure to take up the proper width. It’s ok if the fillings spill upward. I try to leave the top one-third of the wrapper open for wrapping.

3) Roll the filling

Gently pull the bottom of the wrapper up and over the lower portion of the filling. Try to keep the fillings compact as you roll upwards, just until the fillings are enveloped.

4) Envelope the sides and roll it up

Pull each side over to enclose the filling. Continue wrapping upward until your spring roll is fully wrapped!

7.put the already prepared curry and add chopped cheese in that and make a shape like rolls.

  1. Take a pan and put oil in that pan for the required amount of deep fry.

9.deep fry all the rolls in sim flame.

10.now spring rolls are ready. take a plate and serve the rolls.







Saturated fat:1g






Vitamin A:3855iu

Vitamin C:42.7mg




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