Sambar RECIPE:

Sambar is a South Indian mix vegetable recipe, that is eaten along with breakfast  or meal. most of the people enjoy this recipe with idli vada ,dosa with rice.sambar is an South Indian recipe. It is also available at South Indian restaurant with your breakfast or meal. one of the most popular traditional Indian dishes that is not only healthy and nutritious  but also delicious.

Samar is good for health because it contains which protein fibre and other nutrients essential for the body it helps for kids growth.India each reason has there  preparing this sambar recipe.a variety of vegetables are also used to make sambar it becomes rich South India it is a favourite recipe for most of the people.

it is healthy as well as nutritious. it is rich in protein and also other nutrients like vitamins, minerals etc as its made from both dal and vegetables. sambar served with rice or idli makes up for a complete meal



 Dal -¼ kg

Drumsticks -2

 carrot -1



Bottle gourd-½ cup


Ivy guard-3

Green chillies-3

Sambar powder-4 tbsp


Coriander leaves

Curry leaves

tamerind(lemon size)





1.Cook the dal separately. the dal is cooked till it is mushy and then mashed and take that cooked dal in a cup and keep aside.

2.Take a bowl and add the dried chilli flakes and mustard to the oil.add2 chopped onions and 3.chopped  green chillies in that.add 1-spoon turmeric powder in that mixture.

4.add 1-tbsp of salt for better cooking of onions.after add curry leaves roast well until it becomes brown colour.

5.add 1-cup of chopped drumstick,brinjal,ivy gourd,bottle gourd in that mixture.

6.after sometime add 2 chopped tomatoes and 1tbsp of chilli powder, tamarind water.

7.add enough salt to taste.

8.after sometime mix well the mixture and add 1-cup of dall in that.cook well until the drumsticks cookl.

9.a good sambar powder always yields a good and tasty sambar. so when you make it, try to have a good aromatic sambar powder. you can also use your favorite brand of sambar powder. i make sambar powder at home and i feel homemade sambar powder gives the best and perfect taste in sambar.

10.before going to serve add 2-tbsp of sambar powder and garnish with coriander leaves. the sambar recipe is ready to serve.take a bowl and serve the tasty sambar. 




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